4 Locations To Visit In Paro Bhutan On Your Holiday

4 Locations To Visit In Paro Bhutan On Your Holiday


Paro is a beautiful location in western Bhutan. It’s a valley town, surrounded by mountainous landscapes. Settled in the Himalayan range on the Paro River, Paro is where established the sole international airport of the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan. The natural ardour of Paro enthralls every visitor.

If you’re planning a trip to Paro, choose one of the most cost-effective hotels at Paro Bhutan, available in the privileged sites. The climate of Paro is mild, warm, and temperate. And the best time to visit this spectacular destination March-May or September-November. Map out your holiday plan and explore the best of Paro sightseeing.

Here are four places in Paro shortlisted for your upcoming visit:

1.     Zuri Dzong Fort

It’s a famous Buddhist Temple located scenically Paro, built in the 14th century as a fortress. There’s no entry fee to enter Zuri Dzong, and the timing is 9:00 am-5:00 pm. Zuri Dzong is one of the most beautiful and oldest dzongs in Bhutan, there’s a cave where Buddha is believed to be meditated in the 8th century.

The Dzong fortress is protected by double walls and a bridge. And the area provides a wonderful panoramic view of Paro Valley. You might go on a hike to Zuri Dzong, which involves some 30 mins hike via Tachong Lhakhang to Zuri Dzong Fortress.

2.     Paro Weekend Market

Shopping is definitely an integral part of a holiday, especially when you’re in a city or town. Paro has a traditional weekend market, not large but very pleasing. Paro Weekend Market is a major tourist attraction here. Choose hotels at Paro Bhutan in prime locations so that your journey remains less time-consuming.

There are fruits, vegetables, Bhutanese stamps, religious artefacts, traditional dresses, hand-crafted prayer wheels, Kira present in the market. Plus, food stalls are there, where you try authentic Bhutanese food delicacies, like chungo/Yak cheese, organic Tsirang honey.

3.     Drukgyal Dzong Monastery

Drukgyel Dzong was a Buddhist monastery and fortress, picturesquely settled in the Upper Paro Valley. The Dzong was possibly built by Tenzin Drukdra in 1649 to commemorate or mark the victory over the invasion of Tibet.

This small, iconic, cliffside Buddhist Temple is said to be the site of meditation of an 18th-century Buddhist master. Now, it is in the form of ruins, noted for also its archaeological site. This Dzong Monastery is one of the best tourist attractions in Paro Bhutan for its history.

4.     Kyichu Lhakhang

Also known as Kyerchu Temple and Lho Kyerchu, Kyichu Lhakhang is beautifully nestled in Lango Gewog of Paro Bhutan, a significant Himalayan Buddhist temple. The monastery is incredibly splendid and its background is mesmerizing.

The monastery is referred to as the spiritual heart of Bhutan. Kyichu Monasteries is a vital pilgrimage location for Tibetan Buddhists. The Temple consists of two temples, an ideal site to seek spiritual blessings. Paro is home to numerous sightseeing locations. There you can easily find premium, reasonably-priced, cheap hotels in Paro. 

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