5 Mouth-Watering Bhutanese Dishes To Try

5 Mouth-Watering Bhutanese Dishes To Try


Bhutan is aptly a beautiful country with its lovely natives, scenic landscape, cleanliness, traditional values, and cultural ardor. The Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan comprises many spectacular locations to explore. But do you know Bhutanese dishes have a distinct and delicious flavor that makes them a must-try?

To turn your holiday in Bhutan more fulfilling, you should try its traditional and regional foods. Many hotels in Paro offer multi-cuisine restaurants, where you find wholesome options for choosing foods at your convenience. There are various restaurants as well as food stalls to try Bhutanese meals.

Given below are five delectable Bhutanese dishes to try:

1.     Ema Datshi

One of the most famous Bhutanese dishes includes Ema Datshi; let that cheesy flavor burst inside your mouth. In Bhutan’s Dzongkha language, Ema means chili and Datshi means cheese. It’s the national dish of Bhutan, ingredients used are green chills, Yak cheese, vegetable oil, garlic, butter, onions, salt jalapenos, and water. However, it has variations, like Ema Datshi can be served with added green beans, mushrooms, or potatoes.

2.     Puta

Puta is popular in Paro and Bumthang regions of Bhutan. It’s a special food, made traditionally on special occasions or for guests. The dish involves freshly prepared homemade buckwheat noodles. These noodles then are spiced with herbs and also include oils, eggs, and scallions. Noodles are boiled and stir-fried in mustard oil. Puta is served with light Szechuan pepper and lightly seasoned with salt.

3.     Dumplings

A broad-class dish Dumpling is made of cooked dough, wrapped up in filling. Dumplings are widely famous Asian food. And it’s a well-known dish in Bhutan. The dough involves bread, flour, potatoes, or buckwheat, filled with cheese, vegetables, meat, fish, or tofu. The mass of dough is boiled steamed baked or fried to serve guests. Dumplings are available in many restaurants in hotels in Paro Bhutan.

4.     Zow Shungo

Zow Shungo is a popular meal in Bhutanese cuisine. This iconic dish is made from leftover vegetables and red rice. Zow Shungo is easy to prepare and delectable. Definitely, Zow Shungo is one of the healthy food options available in the Country. Thimphu has several restaurants where delicious Zow Shungo is offered.

5.     Bhutanese Suja

Yak is the primary source of milk in Bhutan and Suja is more often made from Yak milk butter. It’s a traditional Bhutanese beverage, involving tea leaves, butter, water, milk, and salt. Suja is creamy in texture and very palatable. Taste the best of Suja in hotels in Paro.

Generally, Jarhi tea is used to prepare Suja. But if Jarhi leaves are not available, any black tea like earl grey tea, or Lipton tea can be used. It helps in digestion, increases energy levels, moistures the skin, and is rich in antioxidants. Savour the taste of Bhutanese food delights and turn your holiday stay extra special. 

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