Discovering The Splendour Of Paro Bhutan

Discovering The Splendour Of Paro Bhutan


Paro is a historical town and one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Bhutan blessed with nature and ancient buildings. It is located in the center of the Paro Valley and offers its visitors a tranquil holiday in lush green nature with mesmerizing landscapes and infectious beauty.

This gorgeous town is filled with mesmerizing valleys, numerous monasteries and temples, scenic spots, and fascinating architecture which attracts lots of visitors every year. For the most amazing trip to this stunning destination, you can book the best hotels at Paro BhutanAs good hotels can offer the most comfortable accommodations making your vacation better and more enjoyable.

Bhutan is an amazing country full of abundant nature, attractive places, and vibrant culture and Paro is one of its most visited destinations. It is home to numerous temples and monasteries some of which date back to the 14th century, historical sites, and many fascinating places to visit and attractions to see. Some of the most amazing places and delightful attractions in Paro are as follows:

Tigers Nest Monastery 

The Tigers Nest Monastery or the Paro Taktsang is a fascinating attraction located 900 mt above the upper cliff in the Paro Valley. It is one of the most prominent Buddhist sites in Bhutan and undoubtedly the best place you can visit by staying in cheap hotels in Paro due to its mesmerizing architecture and beautiful surroundings.

The National Museum of Bhutan 

The National Museum of Bhutan is an amazing place to learn more about the history and culture of Bhutan as it preserves the rich history of this country within its walls. It offers its visitors a fine exhibition of statues, paintings, scared masks, art pieces, and costumes and houses some of the most important artifacts and belongings from the past. 

Rinpung Dzong

Rinpung Dzong or the Paro Dzong is a beautiful monastery with fascinating architecture that offers the most spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. This Dzong has many illustrations showcasing the life of Buddha and provides its visitors with a relaxing visit in its peaceful ambiance.  

Chele la Pass

Chele La Pass is the highest motorable road pass in Bhutan offering its visitors a mountainous landscape with stunning views of snow-capped mountains. It is covered in untouched forests and is home to numerous flora and fauna making it the perfect place for a relaxing drive or a hike.

Delve into the beauty of Paro and explore its best places by staying at the best hotels at Paro BhutanAs the finest hotels provide the most comfortable and lavish accommodations making your holidays a pleasant and memorable experience.

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