How To Plan A Budget-Friendly Trip To Bhutan

How To Plan A Budget-Friendly Trip To Bhutan


Planning a tour to Bhutan, the imperial hilly nation may sound like a costly affair. From plane tickets to your stay in Paro, Thimphu, and notable cities, you may think of the budget as too much. However, the reality is you can explore the land of thunder and Dragons by managing your expenses. With a little tidbit, you can experience the real joy in Bhutan. Let's know-how:

Privileges Of Travelling From India

The Bhutan government charges a partial amount for sustainable development fees, visa charges, accommodation in hotels, meals, and transport expenses. But if you are from the South Asian countries of India, Bangladesh, and Maldives, you are exempted from these expenses. With as low as $25 per day, the nationals from these countries can travel to Bhutan. As an Indian, you don't have to bother about passports and Visas and can roam freely.

How To Travel In Bhutan Cost-Effectively?

To financially manage your expenses and have a cost-effective Bhutan tour side by side, follow the following tips:

Have a Planned Trip

When you are visiting a foreign land, it's always economical to have a pre-planned tour. Your Bhutan travel will go smoothly and as per your budget if you have decently planned an extensive trip there. Such as where to stay, for how many days to stay at one place, etc.

Prefer Public Transport

Rental cars are an expensive affair if you have a tight budget. Instead, prefer public transport like buses which are well-managed by the government. To curtail your costs as well as maintain environmental cleanliness, public transport is the wisest choice.

No To Shopping

For all shopaholics, this might be a disappointment, but the reality is you can save a lot by cutting down your shopping budget. Most of the tourists have a knack for collecting souvenirs and trinkets from whichever place they visit. But if you can't avoid shopping, then at least try to lessen your shopping list to control your budget.

Don't Travel Solo

Traveling costs are higher for solo trips. So, at least accompany 3-4 travelers and distribute your budget. Group tours are the wisest way of curtailing your overall planned budget.  Further, there are resorts in Paro, and Thimphu provides better deals when visiting with family and friends.

Avoid Luxury Cuisine

In an honest opinion, it's smarter to compromise international or luxury cuisine at the cost of an immersive local experience. Instead, go with local drinks and food items that will be fun and explorable.

If you can enjoy the magnificent trip to Bhutan by managing your finances then why not? There are some amazing resorts in Paro, Thimphu, Bumthang, Punakha, and other top places that are cost-effective but never sacrifice their hospitality and overall stay experience.

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