Picturesque Hill Stations Around Paro Valley

Picturesque Hill Stations Around Paro Valley


No matter how many times you have explored Paro Valley, this petite hill town remains pristine to the senses. Involving an area of 1293 sq km., Paro Valley’s one of the most loved tourist attractions in Tiger’s Nest, also known as Paro Takstang.

This picturesque valley town at an elevation of 2200 m is encompassed by some breathtaking destinations. Get quality accommodations in Paro Valley and around the region. Stay at one of the top 3 star hotels in Paro Bhutan offering panoramic Himalayan views from hotel rooms and terraces.

Haa Valley

A Thrombe or town of Haa Valley is one of the most scenic destinations in Bhutan near Paro that is ideal for nature retreats. Snuggly lying on the Western part of Bhutan that borders Sikkim, Haa Valley is a remote valley and hill station in Bhutan. The location sits at an elevation of 3065 m.

Haa Valley is home to hiking trails, enriched Bhutanese culture, Buddhist temples, gompas, pristine alpine forests, and Himalayan views. From Paro, Haa is about 2 hours away.

The Indo-China border in Doklam and Haa Valley are about 13 miles apart. If you’re looking for the ideal time to plan your holiday stay in Haa Valley, come in October to November. Find the best 3 star hotels in Paro, Haa Valley, and nearby locations.


The modern-day capital of Bhutan is Thimphu became the capital of Bhutan officially in 1961, keeping a striking balance between modernity and tradition. This Himalayan hill station is settled scenically at a height of 2334m occupying a valley in Bhutan’s western interior.

Embellished with natural beauty, and home to eventful history, Thimphu is about 50 km apart from Paro Valley. The months of September-November and March-May are the ideal time to plan your holiday stay in Thimphu.


Beautifully aligned at the confluence of the Mo Chhu River and Po Chhu River, Punakha is one of the picture-perfect sites in the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan, about 3 hours 15 min from Paro the valley town.

Punakha Dzong is a lofty fortress, a major tourist attraction in Punakha, famed for its rice farming. To reach Punakha for Thimphu, travelers have to cross the iconic Dochula Pass. Among outdoor recreation in Punakha, you can explore river rafting, trekking, hiking, leisurely strolls, etc. Avail of luxury hotels at Paro Bhutan, Punakha, and Thimphu.


Collectively known as Bumthang Province Valley, Bumthang is one of the 20 dzongkhag comprising Bhutan. The terrain features four mountain valleys namely Ura, Chumey, Choekhor, and Tang. The land of Bumthang is a historical site, housing many ancient Buddhist Monasteries.

Located some 127 km away from Paro Valley sits Bumthang. The literal meaning of Bumthang is a beautiful field, and this is the place where Guru Rinpoche healed a local king from a sprit-induced ailment in the 8th century CE. With an all-inclusive holiday itinerary, make the most of your Bhutan trip. 

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