Premium Hotel Facilities To Enjoy In Paro

Premium Hotel Facilities To Enjoy In Paro


While some guests give sightseeing exploration the entire importance, some guests are highly attentive to accommodation features. However, whether you stay in a resort or hotel on your holiday, hotel amenities are of significance. Paro is one of the prettiest valley towns on earth located in Bhutan, where you can find accommodations of different types.

Perched on the West side of Thimphu, Paro is imprinted with mighty Himalayan ranges in its backdrop, and lush greenery surrounding the region fascinates visitors to the hilt. You might enjoy staying at popular premium or 3 star hotels in Paro Bhutan. This blog talks about basic to high-end hotel amenities that you may relish on your Paro holiday stay.

Below are services or amenities that you might get to enjoy in a premium hotel in Paro Valley hotels:

  • Free Wi-Fi or wireless connectivity in hotels is a desired amenity in hotels, resorts, and homestays. In many Paro resorts and hotels, you’ll get to enjoy free Wi-Fi on the hotel property. Secure, seamless free Wi-Fi ensures guest satisfaction. Especially for guests on a business trip or who need to edit videos while on a tour, free Wi-Fi is excellent for them.
  • Well-appointed rooms are vital to a relaxing and enjoyable holiday stay. From views from the rooms to room features like a king-sized bed with extra bed availability, AC/Non-AC, coffee-tea maker, LED/flatscreen TV, wardrobe, private bathroom with a geyser, all these features make your stay comfy and enjoyable. Book one of the best family-friendly hotels near Paro, Bhutan.
  • Many guests prefer toiletry kits/ bathroom amenities provided by hoteliers. Common items in Toiletries kits offer guests a luxurious stay include tissue boxes, bathrobes, towels, bathroom slippers, soap bars, facewash, handwash, moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, comb, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
  • In-house well-appointed multicultural restaurant in the hotels in Paro serves different kinds of food and beverages by experienced cooks, where you can enjoy home-style, traditional, and continental dishes. Hotels may have an in-house cocktail or karaoke bar facility, or a cliff café to enjoy moments at your own pace or moment with loved ones.
  • Generally, swimming pools in hotels are temperature-controlled so that guests can enjoy and relax there without worrying much about the seasons. Spa & wellness facilities are offered in several luxury, 3 star hotels in Paro, operated by fitness experts and professional spa therapists, where you can relish mountain-facing sundecks, saunas, pool baths, hot-stone bathhouses, etc.

Premium hotels or accommodations having exclusive setups themselves seem like destinations. The valley town of Paro is a lovely, thrilling site to plan your holiday and it can be a perfect honeymoon, family tour, group tour, solo trip, or spiritual retreat. And, with high-end hotel amenities and best-in-class hospitality, you can elevate your holiday stay delight. 

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