7 Reasons to Visit Paro during the spring

7 Reasons to Visit Paro during the spring

Nestled with stunning mountainous beauty and lush green views Paro is coupled with several ancient temples and monasteries. There are also many comfortable hotels in Paro where you can stay and spend your vacation time without any issues. Paro is a very popular holiday destination to give you a short break from the bustle of city life.  

The best time to visit Paro is during the spring season between March to May. The hills become more beautiful and bloom more stunningly during this time of the year in Paro. The sun shining at its brightest and clear skies give you an ideal atmosphere to explore the hidden gems of Paro and take some great pictures.
 If you are an adventure lover and want to try out skiing or trekking you must visit Paro Valley during the spring season as the temperature remains between 20 degree Celsius, making it an ideal time for trying out some adventurous activities. 

As spring is the peak time to visit, you must book a room at one of the best hotels in Paro to avoid any kind of last-minute rush since most tourists prefer to visit this place during the spring season. Some of the most important reasons that will compel you to visit Paro during spring include-

1.  Rhododendrons in full bloom- Paro Valley has a rich flora and fauna that will make you enchanted once you witness the view with your own eyes. With the fading of winter, Paro Valley bursts with vibrant colours of rhododendrons and several wildflowers. You can soak yourself in the picturesque view filled with hues of pink and red and click unlimited pictures. 

The forest here is abundantly blessed with rhododendron species. The forest here becomes enchantingly beautiful, especially in April- July as the rhododendrons are in full bloom during this time. 
These rhododendron species bloom in assemblage varying depending on the altitude.  To celebrate the blossom of rhododendron flowers the Bhutanese people celebrate the rhododendron festival held at the Lamperi Botanical Garden where you can witness about 20 rhododendron species. 

This festival mainly focuses on three different themes which are culture, food and ecology. The locals also perform the ‘tiger and bear’ dances and other forms of dances along with signing to appreciate the rhododendron bloom.
2.  Pleasant weather- The weather is very pleasant during the spring season in Paro. The weather starts to warm up with clear skies ideal for adventure sports such as hiking or skiing. 
You can also expect some little rainfalls making the weather very comfortable for visiting several monasteries and temples without getting overwhelmed by the hot weather. For sightseeing it is ideal weather without the summer heat or the chills of the cold winter.

3.  Photography opportunity- Spring offers a compelling opportunity to take numerous beautiful photographs. This place transforms into a heavenly beauty during the spring with vibrant rhododendrons and other wildflowers blooming all over the Valley. You can take some amazing pictures of the appealing monasteries against the clear blue skies.

Also, several festivals are celebrated in Paro during the spring season where people wear vibrant clothes and dance and sing to welcome the spring. You can take pictures of the locals during this season against the picturesque view of colourful mountains and flowers and keep the memories of your trip in the form of pictures with you forever.

4.  Paro Tshechu festival- Paro becomes spectacular during the Paro Tshechu festival along with the lush valleys, majestic Dzong, clear sky and pristine river. During this festival, Paro Valley turns into a beautiful painting drawing many tourists during this time of the year. Visitors get an illusion of being in a dream during the Paro Tshechu.

The main purpose of this festival is to mould the life of the locals towards goodness. You will get to learn a lot about Bhutan’s culture and history if you decide to pay a visit to this place during the festival. It takes place outside the Dzong.

 You can get a tour of the Paro Dzong at the time of this festival. This place becomes more beautiful being adorned with several decorative items. The most sensational thing to appreciate in the Dzong is the beautiful paintings. This festival is the faith and belief of the Bhutanese locals. Each day of the Paro Tshechu festival has its unique significance and meaning. On the last day of the festival, it becomes the most crowded. People decorate the Dzong using several vibrant flowers and they also shop for new clothes at the time of the festival. 

5.  Bird viewing opportunity- If you are a wildlife enthusiast and love watching birds the most then spring is the ideal time for you to pay a visit to Paro. Most bird species become active during this time of the year. You get the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of vibrant birds by sitting near Paro Lake or while on your trek towards the Tiger’s Nest monastery. The pleasant weather also attracts many migratory bird species towards Paro Valley during the spring season whose beauty you can appreciate and even click pictures on your trip to Paro.

6.  Ideal condition for outdoor adventure- If you are an adventure lover and want to indulge in some thrilling water sports you can try river rafting in the white waters of Paro. The pleasant humid weather of the spring season makes it ideal to try out adventurous sports. You can take a break from exploring the beautiful monasteries and get your adrenaline pumped by surging through Paro’s pristine water. Aside from river rafting you can also go trekking in the refreshing spring air.  

7.  Visit the Chele la Pass- One of the memorable trekking roads of Bhutan is the Chele la Pass connecting Haa Valley and Paro Valley. The most ideal time to go for a trek in Chele la Pass is during the spring season from March to June. The weather remains completely clear ensuring a panoramic unobstructed view of the Himalayas.

You also get an additional bonus of blooming rhododendrons and other wildflowers adding to the appealing view of the trek. You can contact your local guide about the weather conditions before setting out for your Chele la pass trek to prepare beforehand. 

If you are a nature enthusiast or an adventure lover, spring is the ideal time for you to visit the Paro Valley. Owing to the demand of the place during this season you can book a room in advance in one of the hotels in Paro as you might not get any vacant room during this peak season at the last hour. To view Paro in a new light spring is the ideal season for you. 

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