Top 8 Restaurants to try During your Paro Trip

Top 8 Restaurants to try During your Paro Trip


Paro is located in the western region of Bhutan. It’s a tiny town with breath-taking scenery, an eventful past, beautiful landscape and historical importance. There are many hotels in Paro where you can spend a relaxing time during your Paro trip. Paro Valley is a gem on the Bhutan tourism map and is loved by many travel seekers due to its picturesque beauty nestled by fascinating peaks and mountains.

Paro Valley is Bhutan’s most historic as well as fertile valley. This place is home to as many as 155 temples and monasteries built in the 14th century. The Paro valley being dotted by lush green forest, apple orchards as well as the traditional farmlands makes it an ideal place to go for a short vacation.

If you are a trekking enthusiast visiting this place should be in your travel bucket list. There are many best places to stay in Paro, Bhutan where you get to enjoy the mesmerising view of the paddy fields along with the farmhouses which are scattered all over the place.

Travelling and trying out new dishes always go together hand in hand. By trying out the locally available cuisines you get exposed to new flavours you have not tasted before. In the Paro Valley, you get a variety of food choices to choose from. The place is known for serving authentic delicious food which can make your entire trip very fulfilling. Some of the best restaurants in Paro where you will be served tasty Bhutanese food are mentioned below-

  • My kind of place- This welcoming place is located in the middle of Paro Valley’s marketplace. This amazingly vibrant restaurant is operated by an amazing lady who serves warm and delicious food. You get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options here.
  • Tou Zaiga restaurant- This restaurant is located at a 10-minute driving distance from the airport of Paro. Many different palatable fusion cuisines are served here by five-star-rated chefs.
  • Yue-Ling restaurant- This place is famous for serving multiple cuisines to its guests and is situated at the centre of the Paro Valley. Out of the many must-try dishes here; you are mainly recommended to try out their fried cabbage as well as curried chicken.
  • Lotus Bistro- This place has an amazing view and you will be served authentic Bhutanese cuisine. It is one of the best restaurants in Bhutan facing the snow-covered mountain making it an ideal place to visit during your trip to Paro.
  • Soechey restaurant- If you want to try out some delicious momos on your Paro trip then visiting Soechey restaurant is a must. Placed centrally to the Paro valley it is a very clean and tidy place to have good momos and spend some relaxing time. Along with serving different local food, this place is also known to serve buffet to their guests.
  • Dagmar restaurant- It is also a centrally located restaurant in Paro which is very popular among the tourists. The main reason behind its popularity is the restaurant's hospitable staff and its relaxing ambience. This place serves authentic Chinese and Bhutanese food.
  • Lhayabling restaurant- This place situated in downtown Paro is known mainly for serving a mesmerising view of the entire valley and has cuisine options available on their menu. Along with serving the staple food of Bhutan this restaurant also serves different types of Indian and other international dishes.
  • Bukhari restaurant- All the sitting arrangements in this restaurant are circular and are set around the fireplace of Bhutan. This place serves different menus occasionally based on the locally available organic products.

Travelling once in a while whenever you feel exhausted from the boring daily life routine will help you boost your morale and get you back to work with new enthusiasm. If you are planning on visiting Paro on your next trip book a room in one of the best hotels in Paro and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You must also visit the restaurants that are mentioned above to try out the local authentic foods of Bhutan.

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