The Best Multicuisine Restaurant In Paro Bhutan

Foods are emotions; it's your mood booster! Restaurant services have increased to a great extent over the past few years. Therefore, access to food varieties belonging to different regions becomes popular among folks without hassles. If you're heading to Bhutan, try its distinctly flavored dishes.

Bhutanese foods deserve a must-try. Taste the specialty of regional foods along with continental dishes offered by multi-cultural restaurants. A multicultural restaurant is now a widely established amenity in hotels. Reach out to the most acclaimed places to savourauthentic Bhutanese meals. Hotel Paro Grand has the top multi-cuisine restaurant in Paro.

Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Paro

Paro Grand Restaurant at Hotel Paro Grand serves guests a plethora of food items marked by Bhutanese, Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisine. Relishing food in a classy ambiance adorned with natural splendour occupying the outside of the region of Paro ensures a delightful holiday.

Why Choose Paro Grand Restaurant

Indulge in food delicacies in the restaurant. In A-La-Carte and Buffet Restaurant, enjoy:

  • Exclusive dishes
  • Cloud kitchen
  • Couple plan
  • Air-conditioned ambiance
  • Private sitting
  • Bar facility
  • Free Wi-Fi

The Cliff Café introduced by the hotelier lets you chill out moments filled with a pleasurable environment. The setup used to be calming and engaging. Have foods basically of expert preparations on your plate. It's ideal for a connoisseur of good food. You can arrange a special dinner with your loved one as well.

Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Paro
Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Paro

A cloud kitchen is a no-dine-in space kitchen that you can avail of at Hotel Paro Grand. Both indoor and outdoor seating dining is present here. Outdoor dining, also called al-fresco dining ensures open-air food savouring. Witness the jaw-dropping mountain vistas during dining outdoors. Besides exploring dishes in a multicuisine restaurant in Paro, taste the local street foods while staying in Bhutan.

Welcome to the land of Thunder Dragons. Touring Bhutan has been a dream for many. This Buddhist Kingdom holds strong spiritual, historical, and cultural grandeur. And the culinary delights it offers are no exception, with food choices ranging from Ema Datshi, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Paneer Steak, Calamari Rings, Baked Broccoli, Jasha Maru, Zow Shungo, Shakam Datshi, Suja, Chicken Pie to Pahari Momos. Explore foodstuffs at A La Carte and Buffet restaurant in Paro Grand.